Parkinson’s Disease is also known as , Parkinson's, idiopathic parkinsonism, shaking palsy, PD, paralysis agitans, Parkinson disease, or primary parkinsonism

Parkinson’s disease is an age related deterioration of certain nerves system. It is most common movement disease affecting people older than 60 and usually men.

Paralysis Agitansillustration of Parkinson's disease by William Richard Gowers

It attacks people in many different ways, leaving behind a broad variety of symptoms. The symptoms can be mild or strong and can be frequent or infrequent. This disease has five stages, but at times skipping of stages can also occur.


There is always a controversy surrounding the possibility of a genetic cause of Parkinson's disease. In a small number of families, a specific genetic abnormality also leads to illness. It is probably like; who get affected by Parkinson’s disease early in life may inherit the diseases. There is also some evidence that certain toxins in the environment may cause Parkinson's disease. Apart from this scientist have said that the external and internal toxins also may selectively destroy the dopaminergic neurons causing Parkinson's disease.


The symptoms start with mild experience in presence of tremors or experiencing shaking in one of the limbs. Gradually with every stage the symptoms increases, hence at second stage it will affect both sides of the body not allowing a person to complete the physical task, further the person will not be able to walk and at last stage the person will need nursing care. The loss of these specific brain cells and decline in dopamine concentration are the cornerstone of signs and symptoms of PD.


The treatment goal for this disease is to replenish depleted stores of dopamine either directly or indirectly. The treatment takes place in the following ways: medication, surgery, rehabilitation program and clinical research trials. The patient should see a neurologist who is experienced with what are called movement disorders. A visit to the movement disorder center will help you recover soon as they will be connected to department of neurology. Hence they will have access to rehabilitation facilities evolved in search studies. If medication doesn’t work well on the patient, then doctors will opt for surgery. These treatment relief's patients disease and provide them with better quality of life.

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